Lioness Corporate Solutions provide expert skills and solutions to businesses big or small.

We provide outsourced, virtual solutions which will allow you to expand your team without any long-term staff commitments.

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About Us

Born out of a fascination with how a pride of lionesses function together as a team, co-dependant on their individual skills & strengths and absolute trust, Lioness Corporate Solutions came to life.

We are a team of female entrepreneurs who are priding together to provide customers with support with human capital, finance and marketing functions. Lioness Corporate Solutions becomes an extension of our customers’ business: their values, goals and practices. We offer collective corporate experience of 82 years and have a diverse set of skills. We are adaptable to any business environment and our aim is to grow the business of every one of our customers with them.


To provide expert marketing, finance and human capital solutions to companies who need the services without the liability of long-term staff commitments.


We take pride in what we do

We nurture the busisnesses of our customers

We pact together to formulate excellent strategies

We hunt together for opportunities

We are reliable, trustworthy and consistent

We believe in being strong and courageous

We believe in the power of teamwork

Company Profile

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Marketing & Brand Building

Marketing Strategy





Customer Experience

Sales Support

Advertising & Promotions

Human Capital


HR Metrics

Developments and maintenance of HR systems

Transformation & Employment Equity Management

Organisational Design

Talent Management

Industrial Relations



Statutory Services

Accounting Services

Taxation Services

Risk Mitigation

CFO Services

Business Coaching & Training

Individual or group coaching (senior management & or execs)

Strategy sessions

Motivation & employee performance improvement

Managing a performance environment

Aligning company mission, vision & values with that of employees

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